Spring arrangement inspiration

Add some Spring touches around the house with some simple bowl arrangements. These can be dotted around the house - on your coffee table or sideboard or as a table centrepiece.

For this arrangement I’ve used our Palazzo bowl.
  • place some gravel into the base of your bowl for drainage. Next add some fresh compost. Here I’ve used our matte white glazed palazzo bowl
  • Place your Spring bulbs (you can pick them up at the Supermarket or garden centre) into the bowl and add some fresh compost around it. Allow about 2" below the bulb for root growth and keep the top of the bulbs level with the top of the bowl. I’ve used daffodil bulbs here. To me, nothing says Spring quite like happy yellow daffodils around the place!
  • place some moss over the bulbs to hide the soil + you’re done!  Once blooming you can enjoy indoors for a while (keep soil moist - ensure not to over water them or your bowl will become waterlogged) and then transfer to the garden!
Next I’ve used our metal bird feeder bowl to display some hyacinth bulbs.

happy planting! 

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