Decorate differently to everyone else

Your home is where you should feel free to take risks and embrace your quirks. It's where you should feel instantly comfortable and happy when you walk in your front door. Avoid "rules" and don't be afraid to go the unconventional route - why do the same as everyone else? you do you!

here's 5 ways to decorate differently.

1. choose pieces for your home that express your personality and experiences. it makes for a much more interesting interior. abigail ahern's amazing living room below is bursting with personality and interesting things wherever your eye lands. notice how unconventional her layout is and the myriad of lighting styles. there are lots of different little zones instead of a conventional sofa-and-two-armchairs set up. There's a little writing desk off to the corner, a chaise longue in front of the windows with some statement lighting dropped low to one side. there are unexpected little touches everywhere you look and the room just wraps you up in a big hug thanks to that amazing colour-drenching.

2. textural homewares will amp up any space. mix materials and finishes to create depth and a more eclectic feel. this beautiful handcrafted vase from our Abigail Ahern edit is big on texture and will add extra oomph to any space in the home. left on its own as a piece of sculpture or filled with faux stems it is a beautiful piece.

3. you can never have enough lamps! instant mood-enhancers, dot them everywhere to create warm pockets of light for atmosphere and cosiness. Our Akito lamp below is handcrafted in creamy eco mix giving it a beautiful texture and topped off with a jute lampsade for a soft glow.

4. add playful quirky accessories that create talking points. this ceramic sculpture celebrating the voluptuous womanly form adds character to any display.

5. add character and soul with vintage, reclaimed or salvaged pieces that are full of stories. these reclaimed wood figurines have been handcrafted by local artisans in india - each one completely unique and its design decided by the artisans themselves.


have fun creating a home you love!

featured image: storybord



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