Easy updates for Spring

With the longer brighter evenings and promise of milder weather en route, it is a perfect opportunity to breathe life back into our homes with some Spring touches to help make our homes feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Think lighter brighter accessories, soft pastel touches and some Nature-inspired pieces to embrace the more relaxed pace over the next few months. 

Transform your home for Spring with these five easy updates.

1. I always bang on about it but is true! The simplest and easiest way to change up the look of your living room is with a cushion switcheroo. New for Spring, check out our beautiful handmade block printed cotton cushions in a bright teal colour.


2. Add some natural materials to your decor like this beautiful rattan table lamp which instantly brings on the summery feels.

3. Bring the outdoors in. There is no question that having plants or fresh flowers around your home will make it feel alive and it is proven to be an instant mood-booster. Whether it's some potted herbs on your kitchen window sill, giant floor plants or some seasonal flowers from your local florist or grower - they will always make a room look and feel beautiful. Check out our vase collection to display your blooms. 

4. Bedroom refresh - transform the look and feel of your bedroom with a colourful vintage Kantha quilt or Suzani. These beautiful handmade textiles will instantly transform your bedroom and uplift your space. 

5. Add some colour to your table with some new plates and bowls. Check out our beautiful new arrivals from Italy and Spain.



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