How to create festive door decor using a wall planter

A sustainable alternative to a Christmas wreath this christmas, why not create your own festive door decor using a wall planter that can be reused over and over. Here I've used our wall-mounted antique grey zinc planter and some fresh eucalyptus, noble fir, a few sprigs of viburnum which are blossoming at the moment and some birch branches. You can use any wintery foliage/branches you can get your hands on.
1. You will need some chicken wire (you can get from any hardware store) and some snips to cut it to size. This will be your anchor to hold your stems and branches in place.
2. Scrunch up the chicken wire so it will fit in the bottom of the planter
3. Add in your branches and stems, keeping taller stems towards the back. 
Tie on whatever ribbon you like. Here I used our burgundy velvet ribbon.
4. Hang on your door, gate or wall and enjoy.
happy decorating x

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