vintage braided extension lead


With so many of us having to work from home these past couple of years setting up makeshift offices on the kitchen table or anywhere we could find the space, i got fairly sick of looking at an ugly white extension lead dragged across the island counter! and then i found these fabulous and stylish vintage-style braided cables!

available in 4 colours with double sockets these provide a practical solution without sacrificing on style! 


jute + black | jute + white

capri + black | capri + white

sorbet + black | sorbet + white

gold + black 

hand-dyed Luxury Italian cable , double insulated. 

rubberised double socket outlet to BS1363/A

220V to 240V

3000 max

UK assembled

R2.06 ohms

insulation resistance 900m+

do not get product wet

do not use with any extra extensions

to clean, use a dry cloth to wipe down


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