is your decor feeling a little 'meh'?

so, do you feel like your decor is missing something or is feeling a little 'meh'?

well, I'll let you in on a secret weapon for any interior designer or stylist looking to level up a display and add more interest to a space. a decorative bowl. No joke - this is one of the hardest working piece of decor there is - particularly if you find a very special one with a unique texture or made with unique materials.

don't worry, we've got you covered. check out the treasures we've been gathering. our collection of bowls are almost all completely hand-made from natural materials such as paper mache, recycled marble and reclaimed wood making them truly unique and one-of-a-kind - and of course very, very beautiful.

style alongside two vases or objects as part of your styling triangle for dimension and a more polished look. 

create an interesting display with several bowls in a similar colour clustered together down the length of your sideboard or console table. 

simply plonking on top of a stack of books on your coffee table will give a more finished look. 

fill with pinecones, stones or shells you've gathered from your favourite beach, style with some dried flowers or simply leave it empty to make its own statement. you can get really creative with this and make it totally personal to you - perhaps you collect vintage match books or vintage billiard balls or gathered conkers with your kids on a nature walk - these will all add patina, personality and a story.

Styling inspo

below, a collage of textural bowls and platters featuring our recycled marble ripple bowl and recycled marble flower bowl form a stunning display on a table. adding in natural earthy elements such as pinecones, twigs and leaves creates a gorgeous contrast against the hard materials in the bowls. of course, this could be done on a much smaller scale using fewer bowls but keeping to odd numbers makes the most impact.

here, our palazzo bowl forms part of a styling triangle alongside our aztec terracotta vase and small pleated vase creating an eclectic textural display.

here, I've used our beautiful paper mache bowl to display some gorgeous dried bougainvillea left over from a bridal shoot I worked on last summer

these antique marble bowls are great for styling with anything but I love to use mine as a smudging bowl for my palo santo! here I have it displayed with some dried flower heads and it makes a very simple but pretty display. shells and pebbles would also look beautiful or simply left as is letting its natural timeworn finish do all the talking. 

have a browse through our collection for something special!



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