Choose pieces for your home that tell a story

having pieces in your home that tell a story will add depth, soul and personality to your space.

antique, vintage or reclaimed pieces bring a sense of history and prevent a space feeling too perfect or stiff. 

during a trip around south america some years ago i was completely blown away by the artisan craftwork i saw everywhere particularly in cusco and the local markets around lima, peru. i was particularly drawn to the beautiful textiles in the most beautiful vibrant colours and designs. rugs and blankets lining the walls of little makeshift shops and stalls and hung up on the walls to lure you in.  

i wanted to bring a little slice of peruvian culture into my collection of home textiles and loved putting together this limited edition collection of cushions and blankets to bring soul and character into your home. 

these cushion covers are made by skilled makers using vintage peruvian frazadas (blankets) that have been ethically sourced from local artisans where they originate from and we have added a feather insert. the back of the cushion covers are made from grey-coloured wool fabric and has a concealed zipper.

frazadas are hand-spun from 100% organic sheeps wool and hand-dyed using natural dyes. They originate from the high-altitude villages in the Andean region of peru some 12,000 feet above sea level where it gets extremely cold once the sun goes down. i remember wearing a sundress during the day and hats and scarves in bed when I was there! it was freeeezing! A frazada takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks to complete depending on its size and design and each one is completely unique.

the cushions we have picked come in square (50cm x 50cm) and rectangular (30cm x 50cm) sizes.

sourcing directly from the local artisans and makers ensures the continuation of this beautiful weaving technique and fair pay to local makers and designers. 

here's a little taste of what we've put together for you

bring some colour and soul into your home check out the rest of the collection 





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