autumn bar cart inspiration

I styled this bar cart for a really fun bridal shoot I did a few years ago with Christina Brosnan. It was for a rustic luxe bohemian styled editorial so I was going for an Autumnal-whiskey cart vibe perfect for those cosy get-togethers over the next couple of months. whether it's an actual cart, a tray or a shelf we've got you covered.

  1. Start by arranging your spirits/decanters along your cart or whatever surface you're using. To add some variation in height you can pop some of the bottles on books (which you can hide behind foliage/moss or just wrap in brown paper)
  2. Add in some candles for atmosphere and some variation in height
  3. Lay some foliage (real or faux ) and dot in some fresh fruit (depending on what cocktails you're using eg. peaches, apples, pommegranates, figs etc.) You can also use herbs to decorate eg. some mint and rosemary plants will add some greenery to your display and can also be used in the actual cocktails!
  4. Add in the all-important cocktail kit , ice bucket and ice cube trays - these are the best ice cube trays ever, soo easy to remove the ice and they form perfect square blocks. (If you're feeling extra fancy you can add an orange slice or flower petal to the ice cube tray when you're making ice!)
  5. Next add some metal straws for the sipper cocktails!
  6. And finally the all-important glassware. Here we've used our gorgeous cut glass tumblers




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