The cosy season has arrived

Autumn is my favourite season of all. Nature is undergoing its magical transformation all around us - walls turning flaming red under a blanket of vines; our nearby forest covered in a crunchy carpet of golden-hued leaves and that intoxicating damp woody scent filling the air. 
It's the season for forest walks, hot chocolate and cosy fires.
It's a nice time for us to give our minds and our homes a little reset too. 
We have handpicked pieces to replicate the soothing comforting effects of nature with materials, textures and colours - think nubby linens, smooth velvets and rich patterns juxtaposed with raw reclaimed wood and old clay pots in an earthy moody colour palette to provoke the senses during the cosy season ahead and beyond.
Here I've given our coffee table a little Autumn makeover with some simple little touches. For some texture I've filled a paper mache bowl with pinecones and plonked some dried hydrangeas into a small vase. I've added one of our reclaimed wood t-light holders for a rustic feel and one of our natural beige marble candleholder to add height and you can never have enough candles if you ask me!
layer up your bed with cosy linens and cushions in rich patterns and colours for extra warmth on those frosty mornings!  
 Adding textiles with texture will add warmth and softness to any room in the home.
This gorgeous rust-coloured stool in the softest faux fur finish is my favourite piece from the collection. And these handmade linen cushions provide a rustic timeless feel.
Create a moody atmosphere with a roaring fire, the soft glow from a table lamp and twinkling candlelight. Our beautiful collection of glass candleware in varying shades of gold, bronze, amber and rust inspired by the golden leaves of Autumn.
Create a warm textural
 feel with some old pots, unique objects and reclaimed wood candlesticks that are bursting with character and unique charm.
Happy Autumn decorating!


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Love the choice

Margaret Dawson February 12, 2023

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