Create a Bridgerton-style feel for your home

I have joined the masses in binge-watching the most recent season of Bridgerton and i think it is impossible not to be inspired by the gorgeous pastel-coloured interiors and fabulously over-the-top costumes. A visual feast is it not?
Of course, we can't all transform our homes into the wisteria-covered mansion that serves as the Bridgerton house on the show, but we can add some tongue-in-cheek whimsical touches that add a modern-Regency vibe to our homes. 
Here's a few of our favourites to inject a Bridgerton-esqe vibe to your home that will be the talk of the ton (sorry! couldn't resist lol)

For your colour palette keep it muted with duck egg blues, greens and pastel pinks. If you have panelling, colour drench it in one colour for a more contemporary take on Regency style. 


For that opulent feel add in some gold touches such as an ornate mirror or art with an ornate gilded frame. Or this quirky velvet Regency lady cushion with gold fringing. Mix with modern pieces to keep it fresh.

A classical bust adds regal charm but styled with more contemporary decor it will feel whimsical.

A modern take on classical candelabras, our collection of coloured candlesticks will add colour and fun to your space.

And of course - a vintage-style glass for all your fancy cocktails!

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