how to add a boho feel to your bedroom

You can create that laid-back feel of a bohemian-style bedroom with a few simple touches. You don't have to go full-on macrame wall hangings and trailing plants on every surface, but you can infuse your space with the unmistakable character, charm and personality that a bohemian-inspired room evokes with some pieces that feel collected and purposely chosen.
Layering your bed with a vintage kantha or Suzani will add colour and texture and will instantly transform the look and feel of your room. These are vintage handstitched textiles from India made by local artisans. Style them with a vintage frazada cushion from Peru or some of our block-printed cushions from India.
Include rattan and a vintage/thrifted piece of furniture in your decor for a room bursting with personality and timeworn charm. A ceramic bowl you bought at a flea market on your holiday in Spain could hold your jewellery on your dressing table. A vintage cabinet could serve as your bedside table. It's all about layers and thoughtfully choosing things you love and putting them together as opposed to picking your whole bedroom set from a catalogue. Karate-chopped cushions, matchy-matchy bedsides and hotel-perfect beds are not the vibe here.

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